the t-shirt sale {and cinco de mayo recipes}

the t-shirt sale {and cinco de mayo recipes}

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Cinco De Mayo will be here soon. And it’s always great to celebrate with an apparel sale! 

Our apparel is marked down to 9 dollars + free shipping! 

 I know. You may be all, It’s not even Easter yet! But we want it to get to you in plenty of time to enjoy… especially our Siesta shirts!

Use the code FREESHIPPING at checkout for the great 9$ deal + free shipping on all apparel!

We’re STILL clearing out some of our massive inventory! 

These t-shirts are super soft and super amazing if we do say so ourselves. 

We’re sad to see them go but also really glad to free up our inventory for client needs.

So we thought that the Cinco de Mayo sale would be a great opportunity to do just that! 

Pssst… be sure to check out some of our new art pieces too! – new additions coming soon!

Code ART20 at checkout for 20% off!

The Cinco de Mayo apparel and art sale ends this weekend, so be sure to take advantage of it while ya can!

And last but not least… 

From cilantro to guac, let’s get our yummy food on! Our fave Cinco de Mayo Recipes!

this awesome burrito bowl bar – a sure winner for all things partays.

veggie feta guacamole a sure winner for more all things partays. OR sitting at home by yourself and watching Netflix because in our book, that is equally enjoyable.

chipotle stuffed bell peppers – the perfect little meal for your fam, or the next gathering at your place.

chicken and rice burrito bowl – a yummy go-to {and totally gluten freee! – as are most of our recipes on this one!}

shrimp avocado salsa – yes please

a diy guacamole bar – another great gathering idea! Clearly we love bars. Of all kinds.

fish tacos and pico de gallo – perfect for the warm weather!

honey lime pico chicken – a different take on all things Cinco.

We hope these help get those tastebuds started! As always, let us know if you try any of these!

Have an inspired day + be sure to visit us in the studio!


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