The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Idylic Bedroom Colours

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Idylic Bedroom Colours

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Idyllic Bedroom Colours Reimagined Your Way

With endless options, choosing the right bedroom colours can quickly turn into a period of extreme indecisiveness. Every bedroom colour scheme seems to come in thousands of different shades, variations, and glosses. If you are tired of comparing paint swatches, use the following tips to simplify your search for bedroom colours.

Use the Focal Point for Inspiration

Base the design of the room around the focal point, which is often the bed and consider using colours that appear in the bedding or bed frame for inspiration.

For example, natural colours and earth tones work well with wooden bed frames. If you have a metal bed frame you could go with something a little more minimalistic such as a monochrome colour scheme.

Click here to browse the selection of beds from BedSOS. You can find beds to suit any style or preferences, including beds made from the following materials:

  • Wood (I love crisp white woodwork)
  • Metal
  • Faux leather
  • Fabric

The selection of beds also comes in modern or traditional designs and a wide range of colours.


Match Colours with Your Existing Furniture

When selecting colours, do not forget about the existing furniture. Besides a bed, you may have a chaise longue you really love or a wardrobe that you plan to keep in the bedroom. Ensure that the colours work with these pieces so that they go well with the rest of the room and work as colour enhancers.

Look at the main colours or patterns on the furniture. On a chaise longue or ottoman for example, you may find a suitable colour in the upholstery itself.

Remember, finding a colour that works with your furniture does not require an exact match. Colours that provide contrast or that contain the same saturation tend to work very well together.


How Many Colours Should I Choose for my Bedroom?

A colour theme should include more than just one tone, with the key to a pleasant colour scheme being able to find two or three colours that complement each other.

First, select the base colour using the suggestions discussed and then examine the bed or other furniture for ideas. The base colour is often used for wall paint, bedding, and accessories.

After painting the walls, you also need to consider the flooring and accent colours. Neutral tones and pastels are popular choices as they help create a more relaxing atmosphere.


Bedroom Paint Ideas: 

If you selected a neutral colour for the walls, stick with neutral tones for the accents. 

Examples include:

  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Grey
  • Black
  • White

If you chose a pastel hue for the walls, select pastels for the accents. Soft lavenders, yellows, pinks, and blues may help you get a better night’s rest as they are associated with creating a calm, soothing and more relaxing environment.


Use A Colour Wheel: 

Click to find out how to use a colour wheel effectively, and choose perfect bedroom colours. 


5 Gorgeous Grey Bedroom Ideas | A Blissful Bedroom Colour : 

This stunning bedroom colour combination of dove greys and blush are ideal shades for a good night’s sleep. The plump pink cushions look impeccable next to the neutral colour palette. A feminine bedroom transformation doesn’t have to be expensive or overly complicated. With occasional deeper accents are excellent against the neutral colour scheme. 

You can go even darker with your shades. Use a much richer dusky pink against dark greys, light greys, navy and neutral tones.

Or add some brighter shades to the wall and soft furnishings, while using grey cleverly to offset the deep pink. I love this bedding set by Catherine Landsfield.

However, you may want to avoid bright or bold colours unless you want to add more excitement or energy to the bedroom. Bright reds and yellows tend to keep people awake instead of helping them relax.

are you ready to choose idyllic bedroom colours for the best nights sleep of your life? choosing calm colours will help you relax in the evening but there is so much more to it! Click through to read how to choose the perfect bedroom colours for utter serenity! Includes 5 grey bedroom decor ideas & help to choose the best furniture. There are some beautiful colour ideas for the bedroom & matching accessories #bedroomdecor #bedroomcolour #colour
This palette of neutrals is a beautiful balance of light and texture! Via the decor diet

A very luxurious grey bedroom with chic accents. The grey wallpaper makes an excellent feature wall.


Additional Tips for Selecting a Colour Scheme

Along with the steps discussed, consider using an accent colour for one of the walls to create a feature wall. An accent wall adds depth and helps create the impression of more space, which is perfect for those of us with smaller bedrooms.

If you have a bedroom with a low ceiling, you can paint a bright white ceiling or a light accent colour. It works really well because as with an accent wall, the lighter tone adds more visual depth.

If you still struggle to select the right colours for your bedroom after following these suggestions, try thinking about the type of ambience you would like to create, and which colours bring out the feeling you are trying to achieve. Good luck!


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