Thundercloud Craft for Kids {Easy Weather Craft}

Thundercloud Craft for Kids {Easy Weather Craft}

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thunderstorm craft for kidsWeather crafts for kids are perfect no matter what time of the year it is, even though I’m writing this in summer we’ve had a lot of hot days followed by lightning so a thundercloud craft for kids still feels totally acceptable today!

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Easy Thundercloud Weather Craft

This is a really easy weather craft that can be done by different age groups depending on how much help they need.

Preschoolers and young kids will be able to squish the paint around to make the thundercloud themselves while older kids will be able to practice their scissor skills cutting out those bolts of lightning. I also love that this painting technique means that it’s almost mess free. Well, almost anyway – some days my kids seem to get messy no matter how mess-free I think something will be but at least they (theoretically) aren’t going to be dipping their hands in the paint!

If you’re looking at weather crafts and activities with your child we’ve also got loads of simple ideas you can try out, plus if you like this  craft don’t forget to bookmark or pin it so you can return to it later.

thunderstorm craft for kids easy weather activity

Easy Weather Crafts For Kids

thunderstorm craft for kids

Thundercloud Craft for Kids

Use a super simple painting technique to make this easy weather craft.


Author: Kate Williams


  • Coloured paper
  • Yellow paper
  • Paint Grey or silver


  • Take a sheet of coloured paper and fold it in half width-ways.

  • Open the paper up and on one half squeeze your paint. If you do this near to the fold this can help ensure that you get one cloud shape at the end rather than two.

  • Fold the paper closed again and then using your hands rub over the closed paper to spread the paint inside around. Open the paper up to see your cloud shape, you can always add a little more paint or squeeze it around a little more if you need to but try not to squeeze the paint over the edges if possible.

  • While the paint is drying cut lightning shapes out of yellow paper. Younger children will need a grown up to do this for them while older children can do it themselves.

  • Glue the lightning shapes onto your cloud and your thundercloud craft is finished and ready to display once it’s all dry.


I’ve used a sheet of coloured paper rather than white for this craft as it will help to show the colour of the cloud better. A dark blue colour would be great but obviously go with whatever you have at home.
If you don’t have grey paint for your thundercloud why not mix some up using black and white paints.

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