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easy torn paper ghost craftThis torn paper ghost craft is perfect for Halloween and is even easier to make using our free ghost template. Because you’ll be spreading the glue before you stick down your paper you can make sure that you have a ghost shape at the end but even if your glue and paper end up all over the page it really doesn’t matter, after all ghosts aren’t normally perfectly fully formed!

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Why use torn paper?

Well firstly it’s a good way of using up old scrap paper, of which we always seem to have tons.

Secondly though, apart from making a nice change from just grabbing the paints, it’s actually a really good activity for fine motor skills.

Tearing paper helps increase the strength in your child’s hands and it’s got a load of other benefits too, if you’d like to read more about it this article on The OT Toolbox is really interesting (and it’s aimed at parents rather than academics so it’s totally readable I promise!)


Free Ghost Template

Grab our free ghost template, you can print as many copies as you like.

easy torn paper ghost craft

Torn Paper Ghost

Use scrap paper and our ghost template to make this easy Halloween craft.


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Author: Kate Williams


  • Free ghost printable (print onto coloured paper)
  • Scrap paper White


  • Print your ghost template out and cover the ghost area in glue.

  • Tear your scrap paper into pieces and stick these onto your ghost shape. If you want to cover the whole ghost with no gaps then you might find that you need to add more glue.

  • Once the glue is dry, add your ghost’s eyes and mouth using a black pen


Make sure that you print this template onto coloured paper so that the white of your ghost will show.

Tried this?Mention @craftsonsea – we’d love to see and maybe share it!

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