Tree Nature Craft for Kids with Free Printable

Tree Nature Craft for Kids with Free Printable

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tree nature craft for kids

The other week I had a virus which meant that we couldn’t go out and were limited to our house or garden. Unsurprisingly I didn’t have much energy either but it was nice to be able to get outside in the garden with the kids and sit around while they played. While we were outside my daughter kept wanting to pick flowers and leaves to show me and to make things with (I had a lot of leaf ‘ice creams’) which got me thinking about other ways we could use her new found treasures. Our free tree printable seemed the obvious answer, making a great starting place for a cute nature craft for kids.

Tree Nature Craft

Of course when you’re making this craft I’m not by any means suggesting that you encourage your kids to go out into your garden or the local park and pull up all the flowers and rip all the leaves off the trees, in fact that’s probably the last thing I’d recommend! As a kid I loved making flower ‘perfumes’, making daisy chains and little posies of flowers and I think it’s important that kids are able to get hands on with nature but as with everything, in a way which is respectful to the environment it comes from. My kids are welcome to pick the daisies and dandelions which grow in our lawn and the ivy which overflows on our fence but other than that I ask that they check with me first. If you’re worried that your child will go and pull up your prize peonies to decorate with just go round the garden with them and you can choose leaves, petals and flowers together.

Like this craft? Make sure that you bookmark this page or pin an image so that you can return to it later plus keep reading for more crafts and activities inspired by nature.

nature craft for kids easy spring summer free printable

To make this sweet tree craft you will need some flowers, glue or double sided selotape and of course our free tree template – print off as many copies as you’d like!

Of course you don’t need to stick your flowers onto your paper, you could just use it as a background where your child can move and re-decorate the tree. If you do want to stick things down then my choice would be double sided sellotape which is what I’ve used. Put a strip of the tape along some of the branches and then you can stick your leaves and flowers onto this.

nature craft for kids tree free printable

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