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Unicorn Christmas Card Craft – Crafts on Sea

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unicorn christmas card for kids to makeToday I’m sharing a quick and easy craft for kids to make during the festive period with this unicorn Christmas card for kids. Are unicorns a Christmas animal? Who knows but they’re certainly counted as one round our house and this is a design that I know my daughter will be super keen to make.

Christmas Cards for Kids

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing a lot of Christmas cards kids can make so if you fancy settling down one afternoon and getting crafty why not check some of the others out too – you could set a little craft station up and get making some cards for all your friends and family, after all who wouldn’t love to receive a handmade Christmas card this year!

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Unicorn Christmas card craft for kids

Unicorn Christmas Card Craft

To make this craft start with some white card, if it’s not already folded in half then do so now.

Draw the ears on first, these can be a bit tricky to get in the correct position so you could practice on scrap paper first or draw them in pencil and then trace over the top if you wanted. When these are done draw on your unicorns eyes, these are what my daughter calls cute eyes!

Cut a long triangle shape from gold or glitter card and glue this between the unicorns ears to make it’s horn.

Next cut some holly shapes out of green paper or card (scrap paper is perfect for this) and glue them onto the base of your unicorns horn. Cut some small circles out of red paper or card and glue these on top of the holly to make the holly berries.

Finally draw some rosy cheeks on to your unicorn using a pink pen.

Unicorn Christmas Card Craft

Make an easy unicorn Christmas card

Prep Time5 mins

Active Time5 mins

Total Time10 mins


  • Black pen
  • Pink pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • White card
  • Gold or glitter card
  • Red and green paper or card


  • If your white card isn’t already folded in half then do this now.
  • On the front of the card draw on your unicorns ears and eyes using a black pen.
  • Cut a triangle shape from gold or glitter card and glue this on.
  • Cut holly shapes from the green card or paper and glue these on to the base of your unicorn’s horn.
  • Cut small red circles from the red card or paper to make holly berries and glue these on to your holly.
    christmas unicorn card idea
  • Give your unicorn some rosy cheeks using a pink pen.


Instead of cutting out the red circles for the holly you could use a hole punch instead.

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