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If you know me, then you know that I’m a big homebody. So much so, that we made shirts. Yeah, remember that time we sold shirts and you guys were awesome and bought some?

Good times. Gooooood times.

{And thank you. We’re still really grateful for that.}

Perpetual homebody is a nice way of saying I don’t get out much. As in, I prefer it that way. I’m basically one step away from looking like a total hermit, or a sociopath serial killer. As an enneagram 4, I could stay home for weeks on end, interacting with no one, making all the things. I also make run on sentences.

It’s what I do. Make things, not murder people. 

For lots of other reasons, life has just been crazy… I always felt bad for leaving the kids beyond anything but business. We actually end up taking quite a few work trips throughout the year for what we do, so we have to be selective. And then there’s the thing of running our own business, which sometimes makes it even harder than people might think, to skip town for a while. Throw in a few more complicating factors compounded by the mom guilt thing and I’m here to make a statement that we had not taken a real live actual getaway vacation with just the two of us for… {DRUM ROLL PLEASE} seventeen years.


That would be since our honeymoon circa 2002. As in the magazine we once read when we were too young to be reading it, and my friend brought it over to do an ill-besotted makeover that included blue mascara, so I hid said mag under my dresser. Only to be found by my mom later. BUSTED. Wait that only happened to me? This particular issue had Drew Barrymore on the front, and it covered tips and tricks for making out.

Okay it was more than making out. And that’s really what we were laughing at.


But odd memories based on teenage angst and magazines aside, we decided to head to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, for four straight days + {two travel days} of unadulterated relaxation.

Sure, you could do activities, like take daytime excursions or deep sea fishing and snorkeling and other things that are sure to land you on DATELINE as the missing murdered couple because let’s not push the envelope here and get crazy. {Nothing on PC, we loved it and the people were so kind- I could go to Disney World and fully expect to end up on Dateline because I’m currently on too much of a murder podcast overload.} 

So what did we actually do? We laid under an umbrella in between walks on the beach. Our biggest concern was which restaurant to try. When to get in the pool. And when to go make out. Not in the pool. Ew. And I learned that in Seventeen.

A real full circle moment, y’all.

So the trip, it was AHHHHMAZING.

This isn’t the academies, but my mom is incredible for holding down the fort and we were just thankful. It was a chance to be still, be present, and be grateful. I’m always anxious to see the kids and conquer that waiting to do list and schedule when we’re headed back from a trip. What did I do when we loaded up our ride and started to leave for the airport? I teared up a little. 

Good story, Ash ::unfollows::

But before you do, this isn’t some first-world humble brag probs with cool instagram photos to boot. {Though I do love a good instagram photo, thus the photos} I prefaced the first so you’d know this doesn’t happen to us often. It’s like a Halley’s Comet or something else that sounds intelligent here because I’m too lazy to Google and look smart. But it’s really about my hangover that ensued.

And no, I don’t mean the kind that come from too many Coco Locos. I mean the kind when we stupidly flew back on a Monday night at 12 am because it was the only flight to Nashvegas, and it was delayed because more winning. And then we had to face the real world on Tuesday.




For some reason, the all caps application is feeling really good today. 

I have never. In my life. Been on such a struggle bus. 

I would say I’m driving the struggle bus but I’m too tired to steer. So it’s like I’m strapped to the top, in a tarp, unconscious instead like the dead grandma from National Lampoon’s Vacation.

No one warns you about vacay hangovers. I mean, I know that they happen because I’ve experienced them before on a smaller level but this one was especially severe. I think because I actually reclined on a beach chair for 4.75 days and skimmed a magazine whilst binging murder podcasts and staring at the ocean because I COULD.

So now, we’re recovering from bailing out on the fam and work, trying to catch up, and somewhere in the middle of regaling on the last few days and going to bed at 5 pm after popping twenty multi vitamins.

I know. Poor me. It just doesn’t help that this came in the middle of May. AKA the month when no one cares about school or homework or projects or life anymore. But it’s also busier than Christmas. SAVE ME.

Jamin then proceeded to throw out his shoulder, and I had a little traveler’s “intestinal distress” so we’re basically really tired and old. The kids basically got pod-people mom and dad back from vacay who constantly feed them pizza and tacos because recovery. It’s like great parenting on top of more great parenting. We are so good at this. I was absolutely counting down the days from Tuesday to last Friday. And then I face planted into the bed not to be disturbed until Sunday. 

JK. I had to work more to recoup the lost time. Because work hard play hard and other things that are supposed to make us all feel better about the chance to get away.

Does it count that we totally let the kids skip school last Tuesday to see Avengers because yolo, and spoiler alerts? or are you judging me right now? Shhh don’t turn me in. We promise we keep everyone healthy and happy and good students and all the checked boxes. Which is why we needed a little slacker time. We were all, treat yoself for one more day. 

I really need to figure out how to make those coco loco drinks. 

So here’s to checking out, mentally and physically. And no worries, because we’re back at it, full force now. I’m basically overdosing on coffee on the regular.

FOR NARNIAAAAAA! ::raises coconut glasses:: 

That just gave me a headache. 

Take me back.

All in the name of a good vacation hangover. 

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