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Valentines Bingo (FREE Printable) – Crafts on Sea

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valentines bingo printable freeThis cute Valentines bingo is free for you to download and great fun to play with kids. Perfect for playing at home with your children or as a simple activity for a small group. My kids loved this cute cat theme and you could even use conversation hearts as a fun treat for bingo markers your kids can keep afterwards.

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Bingo is a great game to play with kids and this cat themed Valentines Bingo is super cute.

This printable PDF is totally free for you to download and play with your kids, just follow the instructions at the end of the post to get your set.

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What You’ll Find on This Page

How many people can play Valentines bingo?

There are ten different cards in this Valentines bingo set so up to ten people can play at once.

You will also need someone to call out the bingo cards (the bingo caller).

If you have more than ten people playing, for example in a class, then you could have two or three people sharing a card between them.

Of course you don’t need to use all the cards! If you only have a couple of people playing then just use the number of cards you need to have one each.

Valentine Bingo Cards free printable PDF for kids

How do you play Valentines bingo?

Print out as many bingo cards as you need from the downloadable game plus the bingo calling card.

Cut out each of the images from the bingo calling card so that you can pick them out one at a time. A bowl or a hat is a good idea for putting these in.

The bingo caller then calls out one image at a time (eg ‘black cat wearing glasses’ or ‘cupcake’) and then anyone with that image marks it off on their card. Its a good idea to show people the image too so they can be certain they have the right one.

The winner is either the first person to get a line of images in a row.

Make sure you shout out ‘BINGO!’ when you get a line!

What supplies do you need for Valentines Bingo?

  • You will need to print out your bingo cards onto white paper or cardstock with one card for each player. If you would like to use these again then we recommend using self laminating sheets* to laminate them.
  • You will also need an additional card for the bingo caller. This will need to be cut into the different pictures using scissors.
  • The bingo caller will need a hat or bowl to put the bingo cards in.
  • You will also need some bingo markers, why not check out our suggestions below.

valentines free printable for classrooms kids downloadable PDF bingo cards cats

How can I print bingo cards for free?

You can get our cute cat themed Valentines bingo cards at the bottom of this page by subscribing to the free Crafts on Sea newsletter.

The bingo cards are emailed as soon as you confirm your email address and you’re ready then to print them.

What can I use for bingo markers?

Conversation Hearts / Lovehearts – If you’d like a sweet option then conversation hearts* or Lovehearts (British sweets that I love) would be a great option and your kids can have them to eat as a treat after playing too.

Pens – you can mark off each bingo picture as it’s called with a pen or pencil.

Other bingo marker ideas – you could also use buttons*, coins or pom poms* as bingo markers but obviously as usual be careful with small objects if you are around young children.

Printable Valentines Bingo Cards

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