Virtual Playdate Ideas for Zoom {FREE Printable}

Virtual Playdate Ideas for Zoom {FREE Printable}

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Virtual Playdate Ideas for Zoom

Virtual playdates are a great idea for kids who can’t see each other but want to still stay in touch, in fact as I write this both my kids are currently sat playing with friends online! Whether your kids are unable to see other children face to face due to school closures or because they live far apart it’s a great way to stay in touch. Not being able to have normal hands on play though can be a bit tricky at first so these virtual playdate ideas for Zoom are a great way to start your kids off having fun together online.

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Virtual Playdate Ideas for Zoom

Most of the ideas I’m sharing today would be great virtual playdate ideas for preschoolers with whom dressing up and tea parties are normally a popular choice. Lots of these will also be popular with kids who are older than this though, my two are currently playing some online games and scavenger hunts have been really popular too. Just go with what your child’s favourite activities are!

While I’ve said that these are playdate ideas for zoom you could of course do them on any other video app so Skype, Facetime and Houseparty would work perfectly well as well. As we live a few hundred miles away from any other family members we have used all of these over the last few years and my kids (and us) really don’t have much of a preference. The only thing to check is how many people are taking part as that can affect what app you need to use.

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Safety Online

It goes without saying that whether you use Zoom, Skype, Facetime or anything else you need to understand how the app works and make sure that you know who your children are talking to.

Virtual Playdate Ideas for Kids

Have a dance off

Colour – grab some colouring pens* and colour in pictures together. You could choose the same colouring page or something different. We love these sweet Miffy colouring pages.

Have a sing-along

Read poems and stories – choose a favourite book to read or share the pictures from it.

Do magic tricks

Play dress up

Put on a concert

Play I-spy

Play charades

Do a Lego challenge – we love this calendar of 30 lego challenges for kids.

Do a science experiment – we’ve got 20 easy science experiments for kids you can try.

Play a trivia game*

Have a show and tell with favourite toys

Have a scavenger hunt – you can grab our free printable scavenger hunt for zoom or our indoor scavenger hunt for this.

Have a tea party

Play an online game

Write a story together

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Free Virtual Playdate Ideas Printable

Download your free printable here.

More Ideas for Kids

Need more ideas for ways to keep in touch online? Why not try out these games kids can play on zoom.

games kids can play on zoom 300

On the other hand, want your kids to get outside for a bit?! These easy outdoor activities for kids are perfect for doing in your backyard or garden.

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