Yay or Nay: Moody Green Interiors

Yay or Nay: Moody Green Interiors

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Moody green kitchen with wooden island and herringbone floors.

I frequently flip through my saved photos on Instagram (anyone else forget what they save?) and recently the same color has been popping up over and over again. Anyone else noticing this moody green EVERYWHERE lately?!

What do you think of this color trend in interiors lately? Are you yay or nay on this one?

Honestly, I’m a little surprised by how much I like this color trend myself, since I’m not typically into such dark spaces. But the drama it brings to a space is intriguing to me. It feels sophisticated and cool and in some spaces, almost feels like a neutral which is so interesting.

(above) The different green tones with this light wood makes this kitchen designed by Plain English so dreamy. That herringbone is so good too.

A moody green bedroom with leather headboard and minimal modern decor.

This moody bedroom photographed by Stillstars almost has me wanting to paint my bedroom dark green. Can you imagine waking up in this cozy space? Also, the rich color of that leather headboard adds so much visual interest and warmth to the space.

A moody green wall color with organic modern meets eclectic furniture.

This space, photographed by Line Klein blends bright and light with dark and moody so well. All that light and those natural accessories really make this space feel open and airy. Proof that you can paint a room dark and it can still feel big and open.

Green cabinets and brass hardware with soapstone counters.

Can you imagine making a meal in this kitchen designed by Kelsey Leigh Design Co? The brass hardware and accents looks so good on this green color. And don’t get me started on that marble backsplash/shelf combo. Talk about a dream kitchen.

A moody green (almost forest green meets teal) color bedroom with white bedding.

A big yes from me for The New ‘throwing’ that mustard into the mix. (Get it? Throw pillows/blanket? No?) This room they styled is so pretty. I also love the idea of throwing a lot of light pieces in a dark space like this jute rug and rattan table. Not to mention, pairing a bright white comforter with such a dark and moody color is such a good choice.

A monochromatic green bedroom inspired by nature.

Pella Hedeby knocked it out of the park in designing this space. The partially painted walls really bring you eye up and add a lot of visual interest to this otherwise linear monochromatic space.

Green kitchen cabinets makeover from Chris Loves Julia.

Another green kitchen with brass hardware. This neutral color pallet from Chris Loves Julia feels like cooking in a forest. All those colors really bring the outside in and I’m so into it.

A minimal modern moody green interior.

This styled shoot for Klip Klap is so good. I love the green walls paired with a bright white floor.

Moody green walls with rust colored accents.

I love the pops of rusty red in this space. I think I’d normally be afraid to pair red tones with red for fear of it reading too Christmas holiday, Studio Salaris does it so well in this styled editorial shoot.

Moody green walls in a cozy dining room.

First off, this deep emerald green color in this space designed by Sisalla Interior Design is so dreamy and dramatic. Secondly, can I get all of those ceramics in this space? Oh, and that light fixture too. I love it all!

A green accent wall in a cute, modern kid's room.

Another space with green walls and white floors. This offers a great option for those not ready to take the whole plunge into the green wall trend. The green statement wall in this space for Billie Blanket is incredibly impactful.

A moody green bedroom with natural wood accents.

You all know I love a good peg rail, but that dreamy blush with these green walls has me with heart eyes. Design: Kristina Stark hit the nail on the head with this space, and all I want to do is crawl up in that bed and get a full nights sleep!

See what I mean? These green walls are so rich but also really calming. I think the green interior trend is something I can get on board with.

What do you think? Would you trade in your white walls for a splash of green? Are you more into the darker shades or are you more into the muted green? I’m curious to hear what you think!

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