A lot of your favourite Netflix shows utilise great VFX, and now a desktop-as-service platform from the streaming titan allows creatives to collaborate on visual effects work.

Announced on the Netflix tech blog today is NetFX, which is described as “a cloud-based platform that will make it easier for vendors, artists and creators to connect and collaborate on VFX for Netflix titles.”

The software will provide virtual workstations, integrated storage and full access to allow rendering in a connected environment, making the creation of complex creatures like the Demogorgon to object and background removal that much easier between teams. 

The announcement makes sense considering both the global range of Netflix’s partners and the increasing need for remote work in various industries. A beta version of the NetFX platform is currently in use in Canada with Netflix partners like Frontier VFX, and by early 2021 will be available for Mumbai creatives, with a wider roll-out expected later next year.

It even has its own logo, too, reminiscent of the one for TV platform FX.

Share your information with the NetFX platform team to stay up to date on new platform developments, and read the original blog on the announcement here.

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