Zeppe Logo Case Study

The Zeppe Deliveria della Pizza is the latest original restaurant from Grupo Mar, from Belo Horizonte – Brazil. In this post you will see the creative process of Zeppe’s new identity.

This project was done by the design studio “Pós Imagem Design” out of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, for more about them visit posimagem.com.br and behance.net/posimagem.

Zeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case Study

Zeppe Deliveria della Pizza is an original and stylish new pizza place from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We were comissioned to develop their branding and visual identity based on the Giuzeppe story above and the year of launch of the first Vespa model – 1946. Our challenge became to delve into the graphic references of the time, appropriating and rethinking them in an authentic way to create a truly original environment. Constructivist art and modernist movements like Bauhaus and De Stijl were our starting points. The work of designer Louise Fili was a true inspiration as well, and we also gathered lots of reference material on traditional Italian signage. The result is a somewhat unexpected mixture of the quirky script logo with the rigid geometric motif and our favorite part – lots of posters.


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Zeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case StudyZeppe Logo Case Study


Our Four Contenders

Zeppe Logo Case Study

We usually don’t present the client with this many ‘options’, but we felt that the development process had been so rich that it was justified, in this case. Of course, we only did this because we believed any of the options would be a good choice.

Naturally, we had our own favorites – Rafael, the Creative Director, settled on the 4th, while I (Daniel) was obsessed with the letterforms and variations on the 3rd. Also, notice that the Vespa icon on the first iteration of the final logo was different.

Zeppe Logo Case Study


The Final Logo

Zeppe Logo Case Study

Once the logo is chosen and all the work is done, we can’t even imagine how it all would have looked in any of the other choices. There was still a lot more to come, though. From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to bring some constructivism into the mix – something that would reference the time period of our story character, Giuzeppe, and give a strong voice to the identity.

Zeppe Logo Case Study

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